As a chemistry specialist my clients tend to work in labs rather than garden sheds but that hasn't stopped Little Miss Inventor.

The book telling the story of the 36th Little Miss character was released earlier this year on International Women's Day, and it wasn't a moment too soon. This great addition to the Mr Men and Little Miss collection is challenging the male STEM stereotype and provides a needed role model. 

In 2015 WIPO, the organisation responsible for managing international patent applications, released a statistical report  showing that only 15% of inventors listed on patent applications were women, and that only 29% of patents listed at least one woman inventor. 

While the data did also show a trend of increasing representation of women as inventors, the authors estimated that we wouldn't reach a gender balance until approximately 2050.

Hopefully Little Miss Inventor can help to speed us on our way, and perhaps we will one day see Little Miss Patent Attorney of Mr Patent Counsel helping her protect her assets. Until then I welcome Little Miss Inventor, or anyone else seeking advice on protecting their inventions, to contact Boult Wade Tennant LLP.