Welcome back to BoultTips!

I began the week worrying if velour tracksuits had come back into fashion.  A friend (working in another sector) was horrified to see one appear on a relatively ‘high powered’ Monday morning concall.

I previously mentioned the trying nature of ‘work now being home’ and ‘home now being work’.  All of this led me to reflect on how we do this: some of its risks and easy traps.

In times like these sagacious qualities can vanish like toilet paper from supermarket shelves.

I have friends with varied “WAH” experience: religiously once a week; occasionally for oddly-timed home deliveries; others (like me) cannot remember the last time prior to Lockdown.  Even friends who used to WAH three times a week have found ‘full time WAH’ really challenging.

Following our first BoultTips there was no scarcity of helpful ideas on how to make WAH as productive, healthy, and enjoyable as possible.  I have found some of these really useful:

  • “Get dressed! For extra productivity, wear shoes – it really works!”
  • “Put your phone in another room or at least far enough away so you actually have to get up to see it”
  • “Call to discuss things rather than just email - it really makes a difference to your day. Ideally use video calling”

I hope you find these BoultTips useful. Or at least some help with any abibliophobia.

Speak soon, and for now, do try to keep away from velour tracksuits during online shopping escapism.