Whilst the world is still finding its feet in light of the recent changes to working habits during lockdown, there is hope of a silver lining in the world of patents.

Law firms have reported a recent surge in patent inquiries. Whether it’s from boredom, less distractions, or the free time to finally put their plans into action, the UK public seem to have taken a shine to inventing.

Despite the extra time at home, it’s not all eccentric science experiments. Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 related inventions are amongst the most popular of the new innovations, and with most households owning a computer, new IT developments are on the rise too. Lockdown also seems to be allowing businesses the time and breathing space to catch up with their current patent portfolios that may have otherwise taken a back seat previously.

More innovations are predicted in the months to come. There is no guarantee that this lockdown invention momentum will last. But for now, there are at least glimmers of a brighter side to the COVID-19 cloud.