It is certainly the most common reason I have encountered when discussing why people (myself included) have dismissed buying an electric car. The lack of available charging points leaves people worrying they will have to plan their journeys around where they can charge rather than where they need to go.

Steps need to be taken both to improve the situation, and change public perception. I am not sure whether all new housing and office space should be required to install charging points but it is an issue that should be considered. 

There are a lot of tricky questions associated with moving the country from petrol to electric cars. For instance while electric cars are excellent for short journeys and therefore are suited to cities, people in cities are more likely to live in a flat and not have access to off street parking where car charging could be available how can sufficient charging be provided?

If the country were to move to electric cars could the national grid cope with the demand? It is not just the charging infrastructure that requires development but the power supply as well. 

If nothing else, hopefully the increased discussion of these topics will stimulate further research and funding.  This whole field presents a wealth of opportunities for innovation and the associated IP.