On Tuesday this week Claridge Candles Limited, a UK based candle maker, responded to an recent trade mark dispute filed by Claridge's Hotel Limited, owners of the famous Mayfair hotel. 

The dispute dates from as early as January this year, when Claridge Candles Limited filed a trade mark application at the UKIPO for CLARIDGE. However, a brief review of the UK Companies House Register shows that Claridge Candles Limited adopted this name as far back as autumn 2016.

This highlights the importance of brand owners having Companies House watches in place for key marks alongside trade mark watches. These types of watches act as early warning systems for brand owners as a change in company name may indicate a change in company branding. If a UK company adopts a company name that includes, or is similar, to a mark that a brand owner has goodwill in, then it may be possible to file a complaint with the Companies Names Tribunal. Successful complaints often result in the Tribunal enforcing changes in the disputed company name, which may discourage future infringement or passing off.