A leak at Apple has announced the release of an unexplored range of technology for Apple.

As previously discussed by Nicholas Widdowson, patent publications are a good source for understanding what might be surfacing in years to come. Apple has also been prolific for leaks regarding their new technology releases, especially around their annual seminar. 

This most recent leak is regarding a piece of wearable technology, Apple glass. If you are well versed in wearable technology, companies such as Google and Snapchat have taken serious steps to be involved in spectacle related technology. And now Apple look to be involved by launching their own product as outlined in the article.

Although a leak provides patchy and potentially misleading information, there may be elements of truth with the evidence of previous patent applications. It is possible to start to piece together the puzzle of what a company, like Apple, has in its innovation pipeline. On the face of this most recent leak it seems to give a general glimpse of what may actually come into fruition with its related GAZE-BASED USER INTERACTIONS PCT application.