Anthony Dickens, along with Makersuniversity, have come up with a method of strumming a guitar without using your hands. 

The Circle Guitar is an electric guitar with a mechanical step sequencer disc in the body of the guitar. In simple terms, a rotatable disc is provided in the body of the guitar. A circumference of the disc is shown to be positioned between the neck and the bridge of the guitar. A plurality of holes are arranged around the circumference of the disc, with each of the holes able to receive a corresponding peg.  When the disc rotates, at least one peg strikes the strings of the guitar in a single revolution of the disc. Each peg is shown to be made of an elastically deformable material that can be made of different levels of hardness, presumably a material similar to a traditional plectrum.

What I think makes this so unique is that this guitar is not limited to the speed in which a human hand can strum, with the article claiming the disc can rotate up to 250 RPM. In addition, the sounds the guitar can produce are different relative to a normal guitar, this is due to the consistent repetitive strumming and the varying arrangement of the pegs along the outer circumference. There are also additional user inputs that can be used to overlay the guitar strumming which can further enhance the sound produced by the guitar (listen here for some of Anthony's demo recordings). This transformation of the guitar reminds me of the transformation of the piano when the Mellotron was first released. 

Professional guitarists such as the Radiohead lead guitarist have already shown an interest in the Circle Guitar. So maybe with the use of Anthony's workable concept, we may hear a new track on the radio in the near future featuring the sound produced by the Circle Guitar