I found the article that the quote below is taken from really interesting on many levels. There were many quotes I could have chosen, for example the section entitled "Understanding Urgency vs. Importance" is also definitely worth a read!

I read the article firstly from the perspective of someone leading a team, it gave me ideas for how to motiviate them (and more importantly myself) at a time where I think I'm not alone in being very busy, but at times frustrated with being at home all of the time. For example, are there better ways I could use my non-work hours to rejuviate myself? And, are the goals I've set myself for this year big and bold enough?

I then realised it is also applicable to many of my contacts and also clients I work with in the Intellectual Property arena; it gives ideas on how to disrupt the boredom, how to face up to challenges and how to position yourself (and your business) for the time, hopefully not too far in the future, when we will be looking back on this period as a challenging, but distant, memory. The article gives the guidance that we should not be thinking "we'll get to that when Covid-19 is over", but instead asking ourselves "what can we do now that will move us towards our long term goals?", "what have we learnt from this experience that we can take into the future?", and "what can we do to position ourselves ahead of the curve when we emerge from this crisis?"

So, personally, I'm going to stop procrastinating, spend less time scrolling the news, make sure I finish the decluttering I started during the first lockdown and work on my big and bold personal and professional goals. What about you?