It's the 8th March 2021, which is International Women's Day and also falls in British Science Week. What better time to showcase a website dedicated to Women in Engineering, in particular in the UK!

When I was considering engineering as a career my Aunt (an Engineer) pointed me to the WISE campaign. What I've only just realised is that when they were helping me, and providing me with information about what qualifications I needed, what might help me get a place at University, what specialism I might like to study, they were still very much in their infancy. Thank you Baroness Platt of Writtle for championing Women in Science and Engineering.

I also remember learning at an early age about the women in Bletchley Park - I was born not far from there! 

I'm now enjoying passing my love of STEM on to my daughter, through books such as "Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World". When she's a little older we'll start to go through the information about the Top 100 women in engineering. Given her love of making slime I think she's destined to be a chemist, but you never know, I might steer her to engineering yet :-)