It’s International Women’s Day today, so a good time to post something on achieving gender balance, which I think starts with instilling gender balance during the formative years in education and in the homes that children are growing up in during that time (for example, why do women still do more housework, even when they are working the same hours as their partner? Read, for example,

On the subject of education, whilst doing some research on the lack of gender balance in engineering (in the UK at least) I came across this article, which was really inspiring- a set of high school girls in the USA with no engineering experience working together to develop a product they felt passionate about. How I wish I’d had something like this to be part of when I was at school. A really inspiring way to engage girls in science and technology, whilst giving them a chance to develop skills they will need in their working lives

Education and leading by example - that’s how I think we’ll achieve true gender balance - I hope!